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Our residual wood products can be used for energy, landscaping, livestock bedding and more. We sell our residuals by the ... [Read More]


Our timber harvesting operations provides us with a near constant supply of hardwood pulp and hardwood firewood. Firewood can be ... [Read More]

Industrial Lumber

Our large facility and expanding machinery provides us the ability to offer a wide range of industrial lumber products, with ... [Read More]

Our Story

Founded in 2008, Michigan Lumber & Wood Fiber is a forestry and manufacturing conglomerate specializing in the production of hard and softwood industrial lumber. Our services and products range from timber harvesting to forestry consultation to grade railroad ties, cants, pallets, cut stock, and firewood production, and product.

Located in the Northeast of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, we are able to produce over 20 million board feet of lumber each year and reach customers across the Midwest and in Canada.