State Of The Art Mill

Using the latest technology, we deliver superior lumber
and wood products to customers across the Midwest
and Canada.

Sustainable Forestry Products

Responsible Forestry. Quality Timber.

Eliminating Waste

For A Better Tomorrow
Our zero-wood-waste sawmill produces by-products such as wood chips, sawdust, and bark.

Welcome to Michigan Lumber & Wood Fiber

Who We Are.

Founded in 2008, Michigan Lumber & Wood Fiber is a forestry and manufacturing conglomerate specializing in the production of hardwood and softwood industrial lumber.

Where We Are.

Located in the Northeast of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, we are able to produce over 20 million board feet of lumber each year and reach customers across the Midwest and in Canada.

What We Do.

Our products and services range from sustainable timber harvesting to forestry consultation to grade railroad ties, cants, pallets, cut stock, and firewood production.

Are you a landowner interested in selling your timber?

If you have 10 acres of land or more, please contact us at (989)-848-2100 or use the online form. Online Form